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Watch Crystal Replacement

Watch Crystal Replacement
A watch crystal is the clear covering over a watch face and is mostly made of plastic or glass. In its precarious position, it often takes the brunt of any punishment your watch may receive. Brushing against hard surfaces can scratch a watch crystal and obscure your view of the watch face and make them unsightly. Hard impacts, such as bumping into something or being dropped can even crack your watch crystal. In these cases, the best option is watch crystal replacement. Impact without visible damage to the crystal can also loosen the crystal allowing moisture to enter your watch. 

Note that a crystal replacement alone is called a "partial job."  Generally we will recommend complete movement service, especially if the crystal is shattered or missing.  Under these circumstances dirt and debris as well as moisture and glass shards from the crystal have likely entered the watch movement.  This glass, dirt and moisture may soon cause your watch to stop running.  

Our professional Watch Crystal Replacement
Watch crystal replacement is far more complex than you would think. If a crystal is fit improperly, it will not only look unsightly, but will not make a proper seal and could allow unwanted debris and moisture into into the watch movement.

Our certified watchmakers will use their expertise to make sure your watch crystal replacement is done properly and professionally.

Watch Crystal Replacement Types
Vintage Watches
Luxury Watches
Diver’s Watches (We will test pressure test these equivalent to 1250 meters)
Military Watches
Pocket Watches

Our watchmakers can handle most any watch you need serviced.

PTRC, Inc. Watch Repair

At PTRC Inc., we are specialists in watch repair. Whether you own a modern or vintage quartz or mechanical watch, a pocket watch, a chronograph, a self-wind or automatic watch or a solar powered watch we have the experience and expertise to properly repair, service, and restore your watch.

All of our watch repair services are performed in our Toledo Shop by watch repair experts. Our state-of-the-art facility meets current Swiss watch repair industry standards. Our watchmakers are backed by watch repair technicians and an in-house parts department.

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