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Watch Repair Services, PTRC, Inc. F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions About PTRC Watch Repair

Can PTRC repair the watch my grandparent gave me?
Yes, we often can.  Often parts are available for older watches, though they can be hard to find. If the case is gold or stainless steel we can also polish and restore the case and bracelet to its former look.  You can wear your grandparent's watch and restore fond memories whenever you need to check the time!

Can PTRC replace the battery in my watch?
Yes, we can. If the battery alone is not the problem we will let you know how much the repair will cost. We can pressure test your watch and polish the case and bracelet at the same time -- you'll love the look!

Why does PTRC charge for estimates?
Receiving your watch, logging it into our system, having our watchmaker examine your watch, checking for availabily of replacement parts, writing and sending you an estimate, and then returning your watch if you choose not to repair it are time consuming and expensive for PTRC.  Your full estimate fee will be applied to your repair and shipping costs should you decide to have your watch repaired. Should you decline the repair the estimate fee will be applied toward return shipping.

Can PTRC repair my solar powered watch? 
Yes, generally we can.  Sometimes only the capacitor needs replacement, sometimes the watch needs to be cleaned or the movement replaced. 

Why should I replace the battery in my watch when I can buy a new watch for $10?  
If all you want to know is the time, then perhaps the new $10 watch is the best option.  However, if you enjoy your watch and it looks good on you or has sentimental value, why not repair it and
wear it?

The winding part fell off my watch.  Can PTRC repair my watch?
The winding part, called the "crown" is attached to the watch with a straight part
called a "stem."
Yes, PTRC can replace just the crown, or the stem and crown.  This would be a "partial job."  We may, however recommend a complete movement service as dust and dirt may have entered the watch which could cause the watch to stop soon after the repair.  Also, if the stem and crown fell off because the watch was accidentally dropped or hit then there may be more damage to the watch which could cause the watch to stop running at a later date.

Will my watch repair be guaranteed?
PTRC provides a limited one-year warranty on all complete jobs -- complete movement service, cleaning and overhaul, or movement exchange.  The warranty is for defects in material and workmanship.  If your watch is dropped or damaged or gets rusty generally the watch is not covered under the warranty, however we will try to work with you to get your watch back in service since you are a valued PTRC customer!

Is a movement exchange as good as a complete movement service?
For many quartz watches, if a brand new movement is available, PTRC can replace your damaged movement with a new one for less cost to you.  We use movements of the same or better quality as what is already in your watch. Movement exchanges are considered full repairs and carry our one-year warranty.

Can PTRC replace only the clasp on my watch bracelet?
Many times we can, depending on the make an model.

Can I buy watch parts from PTRC?
Sorry, but we are not a parts supply house and do not sell watch parts, except with watch service performed in our Toledo Shop.

How do I ship my watch to PTRC?
Refer to our "send your watch for service" link for shipping directions.

If I phone PTRC will I be able to talk to a person?
YES!  At PTRC we pride ourselves in excellent customer service.  Our customer service phone number is: 419.241.4412. Our business hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday and you can leave a voice mail 24 hours a day.
You can also email us at or fax us at 419.241.4594.

How long has PTRC been in business?
Our family has been repairing watches for nearly 100 years, and over 50 years in our current location. In 2008 we renovated a part of our building and built a brand-new state of the art shop which we call our Toledo Shop.  We operate this shop to the public under the name PTRC, Inc.  Here is a picture of our original store called the "City Watch Hospital." 
We pride ourselves in knowing our business and in serving our customers well -- otherwise we would not still be in business!

How well will my mechanical watch keep time after it is repaired at PTRC?
Much will depend on the type of watch movement, as well as the age of the watch.  New, modern, high quality chronometers can keep time to a few seconds a week, while older mechanical watches may only be accurate to a few minutes a week.  It all depends on the watch, the age and condition of the movement, how you wear and wind your watch. 

What is a scratch resistant or sapphire crystal?
A sapphire crystal is a scratch resistant crystal that will give you much better service than a regular crystal.  If your crystal in frequent need of replacement, you may want to try a sapphire crystal for better wear.

Does PTRC repair vintage pocket watches?
Yes we do, particularly those made in the USA.  Foreign made or much older pocket watches can sometimes be repaired if we are able to find parts. 

Can PTRC polish my watch?
If your watch is stainless steel or gold (not plated) we can often polish your watch and bracelet to bring back its original beauty.  If your watch is quartz and needs a battery, a new battery, pressure test and polishing will bring new life and beauty to your old favorite. 

How will I pay for my repair?
As described on "send your watch for service" page, we ask that you send a check for the estimate and return shipping with your watch. We will contact you before performing any service that would require additional expense.  When your repair is ready to be shipped we will ask for payment via a credit card or you may choose to send us a check instead.

The calendar on my watch gets stuck. Can that be repaired?
Calendar issues are common.  The day or date changing mechanism can malfunction or the calendar "wheel" can get bent. Usually a complete movement service or movement exchange will be necessary to repair your watch.

My watch only needs a mainspring.  Can PTRC put a new mainspring on my watch?
The mainspring is where the power to run the watch is stored when you wind your watch. To repair or replace the mainspring the watch must be disassembled.  A complete movement service is necessary to assure that your watch will run properly.


PTRC, Inc. Watch Repair

At PTRC Inc., we are specialists in watch repair. Whether you own a modern or vintage quartz or mechanical watch, a pocket watch, a chronograph, a self-wind or automatic watch or a solar powered watch we have the experience and expertise to properly repair, service, and restore your watch.

All of our watch repair services are performed in our Toledo Shop by watch repair experts. Our state-of-the-art facility meets current Swiss watch repair industry standards. Our watchmakers are backed by watch repair technicians and an in-house parts department.

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