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How To Send Your Watch to PTRC, Inc For Repair Service

Quartz Watch Cleaning And Watch Repair

Complete Movement Service -- quartz watch
Complete movement service on a quartz watch is similar to a mechanical watch except that the electronic parts, of course, cannot be placed in cleaning solution to clean. However, on an analog quartz watch there are many moving parts that need to be cleaned, adjusted, replaced if necessary and reassembled.  Calendar wheels and day/date wheels can be especially tricky to reassemble. 

Movement exchange – quartz watch
Quartz movements, even in moderate or higher priced watches, can often be totally replaced rather than repaired.  Generally we can obtain an exact match for your movement or a movement of equal quality.  Generally the cost is less than complete movement service, and you will have a factory fresh, complete new engine for your watch.  Our movement exchanges carry the same one year's warranty as our complete movement service does. 
Complex quartz watch repair.
Nowadays, quartz watches can have many functions -- several time zones, alarms, chronographs, day/date, touch screen, compasses, and many more.  The display can be analog, digital, or mixed.  Obviously the more complex your watch is, the more difficult the repair can be, yet we can repair most of these complex quartz watches, as our repair technicians continually keep themselves up to date on new movements and watch functions.
We will service almost any quartz watch, including solar powered and motion powered quartz watches.

If you have any questions about our quartz watch cleaning services, feel free to contact us.



PTRC, Inc. Watch Repair

At PTRC Inc., we are specialists in watch repair. Whether you own a modern or vintage quartz or mechanical watch, a pocket watch, a chronograph, a self-wind or automatic watch or a solar powered watch we have the experience and expertise to properly repair, service, and restore your watch.

All of our watch repair services are performed in our Toledo Shop by watch repair experts. Our state-of-the-art facility meets current Swiss watch repair industry standards. Our watchmakers are backed by watch repair technicians and an in-house parts department.

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