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Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration

Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration
PTRC accommodates all the services your vintage watch requires. We understand the importance of maintaining vintage timepieces.

Look to us to help you with:

•Vintage pocket watch restoration and repair
•Vintage military watch restoration and repair
•Vintage diver watch restoration and repair
•Vintage luxury watch restoration and repair
•Vintage mechanical watch restoration and repair
•Vintage quartz watch restoration and repair

Vintage Watch Repair
Bring history back to life. Your vintage timepiece deserves to function as it once did in its glory days. Enjoy wearing the timepiece you or a family member wore in decades past. At PTRC we say Repair it and Wear It!

Vintage Watch Restoration
Along with getting that vintage watch to do what it was made to do, we can clean it and perform the proper maintenance, such as replacing its lubricants, to help bring it back to its former luster, while maintaining its character.





PTRC, Inc. Watch Repair

At PTRC Inc., we are specialists in watch repair. Whether you own a modern or vintage quartz or mechanical watch, a pocket watch, a chronograph, a self-wind or automatic watch or a solar powered watch we have the experience and expertise to properly repair, service, and restore your watch.

All of our watch repair services are performed in our Toledo Shop by watch repair experts. Our state-of-the-art facility meets current Swiss watch repair industry standards. Our watchmakers are backed by watch repair technicians and an in-house parts department.

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